RIP: Technology that Died in 2017


Yesterday, it being Blue Monday and all, we got to thinking about some of the tech that didn’t live to see 2018. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there in the land of apps and gadgets, with new releases emerging all the time. So tissues at the ready; here’s to those we lost in 2017.

Windows Phones  

Back in October, Microsoft (unsurprisingly for some) admitted that the Windows phone was dead. While they will still be supporting the platform for existing users, with bug fixes and security updates, according to Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore, ‘building new features/hw aren’t the focus’. Really, this was just confirmation of what we already knew, as in reality the Windows phone has been dead for over a year. And when Bill Gates himself admits he’s using an Android, you know it ain't looking good. Sorry Windows - you know you’re still our day one <3

Google Maps Calorie-Counter

Winning the award for swiftest exit, it’s the Google Maps Calorie-Counter. Telling you how many calories you’d burn by walking instead of driving, this ill-thought-out feature also kindly informed you how much junk food you’d burn off in twee measurements. Like mini-muffins. People were instantly and vocally critical of the new feature; pointing out that it was judge-y, clearly targeted at women, and potentially triggering for people with eating disorders. Great work, Google. Although this was only a test for some iPhone users, it was removed later that same day due to ‘strong user feedback’. Goodbye, Calorie-Counter, don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

Microsoft Paint

At the grand old age of 32, MS Paint sang its swan song. Nearly. Judging by Microsoft’s hurried clarification, that Paint would actually still be available in the Windows Store, they weren’t expecting the huge outpouring of grief and nostalgia that came with the announcement that Paint was no more. I know, it’s almost like they hadn’t heard of Twitter. So, Paint lives on, but it’s still unlikely the kids of tomorrow will waste their parents’ printer ink on Cubist masterpieces and spray-can-effect landscapes. We doff our caps to you, our trusty steed, thanks for the memories.


One foot in the grave…

Some have escaped the scythe for now, but their future beyond 2018 looks uncertain:

  • Headphone jacks - increasingly, the 140-year-old 3.5mm jack is being ditched for wireless headphones or a dongle. If Samsung goes wireless in 2018, it might signal the end for this technology stalwart. 

  • iPods - With the iPod Nano and Shuffle being killed off in 2017, it makes sense that the iPod Touch will follow suit. Yes, most people stream music now, but iPods were built to last, back in the day when Apple designed things with an expiry date of more than 2 years. Sniff.

  • Airbus A380 - Just yesterday, Airbus announced that they will end production of the A380 superjumbo unless they receive more orders for the plane. The ugly, less efficient rival of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner, it’s not looking good for the A380, but according to John Leahy, the company’s chief operating officer, “This is an airplane whose time will come.” Watch this space…


Feeling blue? Don’t fret - look out for our next post, where we’ll take a look at the 2018 tech launches, and rumoured launches, we’re most excited about.