Yule B-log


It’s arrived! We’ve been waiting twelve long months, but now it’s finally December - that time of year where it’s acceptable to eat five meals a day, drink champagne at 10am and watch TV for hours on end. And spend quality time with family and friends. Obvs. 

In order to do all of the above, the Trumin team will be taking a few days’ break over the Christmas period. Our office will be closed from Saturday 23rd December until Tuesday 2nd January.

However, a full-scale Christmas technology detox isn’t really very ‘us’, so if you feel the need to tear us away from our 18th viewing of Elf, you can email us on info@trumin.com. Or, if you are a participant and have an enquiry about an event, you can contact us on support@trumin.zendesk.com. Just bear in mind it might take a little longer than normal for us to get back to you.

From all of us here at Trumin, we hope you have a fantastic Christmas and a very happy New Year!