Trumin Expos and Conferences.

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A seamless event

Put your mind at ease, with our fast, convenient and intelligent event-day tech. We can support you with checking-in, training and tracking your attendees and exhibitors. Technology so reliable, you won’t think about it once.  


No queues

Significantly reduce waiting times and avoid walkouts with our dynamic allocation, ensuring your attendees can check-in in an instant. Our 10-second check-in means they can spend less time registering and more time enjoying the event. 

An app for everything

Use our event-day apps to enhance every aspect of your event. Your attendees’ wristbands can be scanned to check their age, give them access to VIP areas, or allow them to check in bags. With cashless payments on the way too, you can let our technology take the wheel. 

Support and Training

We’re here to provide as much training as you need. We’ve designed our tablet apps so that they require no experience/training for your staff, but we’ll still be on hand to make sure you have peace of mind…… 

Go paperless

Participants download branded and QR code-ready tickets from their profile. 

Offline ready

Iffy Wi-Fi? No problem. Our event-day technology works offline. We can work anywhere in the world and often do, whilst still offering our same full service. We’ll convert even the most skeptical of exhibitors. 

Quality conversations.

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Get Organised

Snackwave offal vape lumbersexual tumblr. Unicorn kitsch brunch adaptogen DIY cliche.