2019 Trends

Recent Trends In The Event Tech Industry


Every year there are numerous changes in all industries, but especially in the tech industry the changes are futuristic. Event’s in the past that required a lot of manual skill are now becoming more tech driven.

Facial Recognition


Facial recognition has made the most impact. It has affected check-ins, security measures, session tracking and lead retrieval.

Facial recognition has helped speed up the check-ins process, and hence cut-down time. This is extremely useful for events that have a large number of participants. Here at Trumin we have a tremendous advantage, as our sister company; Yoti is an identity platform, and hence can be implemented into our check-in app. 

The security feature of technology was specifically built to help ensure safety, as security has become a major concern for event planners throughout the years. Facial recognition helps detect and take measures against unusual activity and trespassers.

Facial recognition has started to work in parallel with session tracking, especially in conference related events. This way  event planners can track participants activities, know who is in a room and react efficiently and quickly.

The current system of lead retrieval at events is done through QR code scans. However, lead retrieval has been reenergised through facial recognition. In terms of exhibit related events, this feature can help determine emotions when exhibitors demonstrate their product or service. 



 RFID has been in the market for some time now; however the ‘wearable tech’ trend is new. In fact, it’s all the rage in the industry currently! RFID/UHF and beacon technology are becoming one of the most wearable event technologies, and this trend is expected to continue to grow. 

Mobile apps for events


 Mobile app utilisation for events has officially gone mainstream. With that in mind Trumin focuses on mobile interface first and then desktop.


 Trumin has also developed an event day app available to use on Androids. Event organisers can now use our tablets/smartphones or their own Android devices for their on the day registration.

Event data


 The future of technology is big data, that’s including event data. Data is a huge aid in strategising for event experience. In parallel to talks in big data is data protection. Data protection legislations have already taken place, as can be seen by GDPR in Europe.

Trumin has always ensured that our clients data be protected, while also ensuring that the event organiser doesn’t loose the advantages of this data. All our data is owned by our clients. Additionally, we were GDPR compliant before GDPR was implemented, and we have never had any data breach.