Customer self-service

Customers prefer self-service over contacting a support agent (check out this research). Although our Customer Service team are always on hand to help when things get tricky, we think that offering an option for customers to help themselves is a good place to start.


As we all know, sometimes life gets in the way and plans have to change - whether it’s bad weather grounding a flight, or that wedding you forgot to write in the calendar. In the past, this has been a huge customer service headache for event organisers. Emails such as ‘I’ve broken my leg!’ or ‘I now have to work that weekend!’ come flooding in and all have to be answered on a case-by-case basis.

Self-service transfers to another person or event on the platform.

Self-service transfers to another person or event on the platform.


Whether it’s a transfer to another event, giving the ticket to another person, or changing the start time to run with the rest of a team  - the back-and-forth exchange can take days, and means long and nervous waits for the customer.


We saw this happening over and over again at events and decided there was a simpler way to sort these common issues; finding a balance between giving the customer independence, whilst making sure there’s not some mad free-for-all where clients don’t know who is coming to which event and when.


One of the biggest issues clients were facing was people needing to transfer their tickets - about 5-10% for big events. Refunds make little sense for businesses (they want people to come to the events, have a great time and come again) and participants, who are only cancelling because something has come up on that date.


So we designed a way for participants to make their changes, whilst allowing event organisers to keep their sales, and set the rules and charges for those changes.

Self-service set-up

Self-service set-up

Look out for the upcoming blog post on how we’re doing self-service on event-day.