Add key timing info to your communication with participants

The results are one of the most important ingredients of a successful sports event. Participants love to compare their results against other racers and boast about their achievements among their friends – and hey, they deserve it! Unfortunately, more often than not, we see participants attaching the timing chips to their t-shirts (rather than shoes) and not stepping on timing mats.

To maximise your timing success rate and increase participants' satisfaction with results we’ve came up with a set of simple rules that you could include in your race day email:

1. At the registration you will be given a tag and some cable ties – this is your timing chip.

2. Attach the tag to your shoelaces with the cable ties so it lies flat and is in the middle of your foot. Putting the tag in the correct position makes it easier for your result to be calculated. When you approach the start line make sure you run across the purple timing mat, rather than going round it, so the reader in the mat can register your tag.

3. On the course you will see a number of purple mats. When you come to these make sure you run across them so that your split times are calculated.

4. Finally, cross the purple mat at the finish line so that your result is logged.

5. Volunteers will be at the finish line to help you remove the tag from your shoe.

Please copy and paste the above into your race day email. We will let you know how this has increased the timing rate later in the year.

Many thanks from the Trumin Team!