Five free web tools every event manager needs

When you are running an event management business, life throws you various challenges. In this article, the Trumin team presents five clever online tools that we think can help with team management and communication, research, feedback, marketing, and graphics while planning an event.


When you collaborate with a team to organise your events sometimes an email just doesn’t cut it – too many conversations, documents and deadlines scattered around. If you know this feeling we really recommend a website and an app called Freedcamp. It allows you to manage the project, organise to-do lists, assign tasks, set deadlines, discuss issues with your team on various conversation threads, upload documents and more, all in one place. This is an easy and free tool to help you manage your project from A-Z. Upgrades are available if you are looking for more functionalities.


Have you every been frustrated with losing a web address or a really interesting online article when doing your research? If yes, then you must download a browser plug-in and an app called Evernote. This is probably the best web clipping tool out there. You can clip the whole website, an article, or just an image. Your clippings can be categorised in folders plus you can add notes. What’s not to love!


So you are not a design expert and your Photoshop skills are a bit lame? We have a solution for you. Canva is a free online website that allows you to create beautiful graphics with a few clicks. You can choose from a variety of stunning templates or create something completely bespoke and download it free in png or pdf format. Some of the images and templates are paid for but they usually cost between 1 – 5 USD, so perfectly affordable.


Hootsuite is a social media scheduling, management, collaboration and analytics online tool. Let us tell you – it’s simply ace. Intuitive and simple to navigate, Hootsuite allows you to schedule your social media posts so they go live exactly when you want them to. You can also use it to manage all your social media accounts in one place not to mention fantastic analytics reports. The basic version is free so go and explore.


Are you looking to improve your event? Maybe you would like to find out more about your customers? SurveyMonkey is a fantastic tool that allows you to create online surveys. You write your own questions or use one of the templates provided. The website also offers a wealth of information about conducting surveys. You can upload your own recipient database (there is no limit of email addresses) and off you go! The tool will analyse the questions for your so you don’t have to plough through it yourself. The free version offers 10 questions per survey.