Trumin has built in timing software so you don't have to look anywhere else.

Trumin timing software features:

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Trumin Timing Service

RFID timing systems

We can accurately time any type of race

Multiple split points

We understand the needs of complex events such as Triathlons.

Tags to suit your event type

We offer both disposable & reusable tags.

Live split points

We can monitor every stage of the race for you.

Timing gear

If you require mats, readers, antennas, laptops and timing chips we have it covered.

Challenges & Badges

Add time for a missed obstacle and reward your participants for a completion of a task with a badge.

Types of races we are an expert at:

Obstacle Course Races
This new running discipline has proven very popular across the last few year. Trumin clients include the biggest names in the industry such as Spartan Race and Bear Grylls Survival Race, Mudnificent-7. We have done over 300 OCRs so we know how to successfully time these events. Challenge: Water & Mud, Solution: We have tags which will survive under every condition giving the runners accurate timing even if they are covered in mud head to toe.
Road Races
Classic road races, from 5k & 10k runs, half-marathons to marathons are experiencing a real boom at the moment. Trumin grew out of these races and we just love the simplicity of running on the open road. With London Marathon on our books we know how to handle a race of every size. Challenge: Open roads, Cars, Traffic Solution: Low profile mats, and side antennas
Duathlon & Triathlon
Duatlons and Triathlons are extremely challenging but also hugely rewarding types of races. Whether cycling, running or swimming the timing tags have to endure every condition. Here at Trumin we understand that changing gear smoothly on every stage of the race is a crucial and shouldn’t be hindered by a timing tag. Challenge: different types of environment and gear changes Solution: Ankle & Active tags for participant comfort; Multiple split points for perfect timing.
Trumin loves cycling. We’ve been involved in road cycling events as well as velodrome races such Street Velodrome (as featured on Channel 4, UK TV network), Volta de Angola and number of recreational sportives. The high speed is the reason behind the thrill but it also demands really accurate timing. You also need timing mats that won’t slow down cyclists or obstruct car traffic. Challenge: High speed, Cars & Traffic, Solution: low profile mats, side antennas, UHF system or an active tag system