Trumin Team works with Trident RFID timing hardware

  • Trident RFID design and manufacture the latest in electronic timing systems. Whether you are timing a Triathlon, Running, Cycling or a Mountain Bike race there’s a Trident Timing System made just right for you and tailored to your level of expertise. Trumin is a certified distributor and Trumin Timing Team uses trident on our events.

What we love about Trident?

Trident timing equipment:

Each system can be bought as a bundle, which includes the mats and accessories.

Time Machines:

This is the professional model with all the bells and whistles. This reader can run 4 x 3m or 4 x 6m mats. The distance between the reader and the mats can be up to 25m (and in fact more if an extra power supply is fitted). The reader can connect to your laptop by ethernet cable, WiFi, 3G direct to the web or by radio modem. This is the system used by the Pros on the big (and small) races to time the start/finish/splits. It is highly accurate and very portable. (the reader weighs only 7kg).
TM Club XR
Basically the same unit but without the built in 3 G capability and it can "only" run 2 x 3m or 2 x 6m mats. It can communicate by WiFi and also by Radio Modem. It is ideal for clubs and also used by Pros for split points in a race. The fact that it can communicate over large distances makes it ideal as a remote timing point.
TM Club Lte
This is ideal for the club on a strict budget. It can connect to the laptop by a simple ethernet cable and runs 2 x 3m or 6m mats. In fact it has most of the features of the Pro but runs only 2 mats and doesn't have the fancy comms.

Timing Mats

Trident Ultra Pro
Trident Ultra Pro mats are made of heavy duty PVC mats with the smarts built in, putting the power supply close to the action. They stay where they are placed and lie flat so no-one trips over them. They can be pressure washed and put away wet without being prone to mould like your old mats.

Other Hardware

TM Active
The Active system is idea for cycling and motorsport events where speed is a factor. The chips are powered with a battery allowing them to be read even at high speeds. The readers are basically the same as the DF readers listed above, however they do not include a TX plug so cannot run traditional "passive" mats. They can run up to 4 antenna Loops off the one readers. Each antenna loop is a maximum of 8 meters long. These can be laid in tandem to provide a long finish line if required. For more information please check the Trident RFID website.