5 Books For Event Managers Who Want To Take 2017 By Storm

When the gluttony has reached its peak and you’ve watched all the Christmas TV possible then it’s time to grab a book. For this occasion, the […]

Five Free Web Tools Every Event Manager Needs

When you are running an event management business, life throws you various challenges. In this article, the Trumin team presents five clever online tools that we think […]

How to set up Challenges & Awards

We are proud to present the Challenges & Awards module. This smart new function allows you to reward participants for completing the task/obstacle and add time […]

On our Radar: Bear Grylls Survival Races

In 2015, when the news broke that the king of survival – Bear Grylls – was organising an OCR, fans of the sport went mad. Last […]
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On our Radar: Dorian’s Challenge

Just when you think that the OCR world has seen it all, then comes the race that challenges the sport once again. Inspired by the ancient […]
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How to send a communication to a selected group of recipients

As the spring season kicks off we thought it would be useful to send you a quick refresher on how to filter your participants and send […]
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A quick reminder how to update you Terms and Conditiond or Waiver

Ahead of the spring season we just wanted to give you a quick refresher on how to upload new or update your Terms & Conditions as […]

Creating Promo Codes

Promo Codes can be created and distributed by Event Organisers to offer discounts on ticket prices for lots of different reasons. Often participants will reach out […]